Running Track

Caliraya Uphill Challenge level 1 (2012) and level 2 (2013)

• With the famous Caliraya Lake as a backdrop, the Caliraya Uphill Challenge Level 1 was a pioneer project that attracted 1,100 runners in its 10k, 5k and 3k categories.

• Following the success of the first race, Caliraya Uphill Challenge Level 2 was born, gaining more than twice the participants of the debut run with some 2,500 activities in 21k, 14k, 7k, 3k categories

Pagsanjan Bangkero Festival Fun Run 2013

• The town of Pagsanjan, as the tourist capital of Laguna, envisioned the fun run as a way of promoting tourism. Run Mania was chosen to organize this event following the success of the Caliraya Uphill Challenge. Some 1,200 international and local runners joined this event in the 10k category.

Kesong Puti Festival Fun Run 2013

• As part of tourism promotion in the Kesong Puti Festival’s weeklong celebration, a 5k fun run was held as one of the activities during the festival. The event was hosted by the Municipality of Sta. Cruz, Laguna.