Committed to our mission, Run Mania Philippines is actively involve in various Socio-civic activities; being true to our pledge in fulfilling our duty as a member of the community.




It started with Caliraya Runners since 2012, in partnership with Philippine Red Cross. blood letting drive is conducted every 3 months. Now, with active participation from Association of Ultramarathoners of the Philippines and Pinoy Aspiring Runners. Blood donation awareness among runners and netizens has  been raised in Laguna and Metro Manila.


Run Mania sponsors feeding and nourishment program  thru the Municipality of Lumban, Laguna supporting selected 30 malnourished children under the Social welfare division. The children are fed every mon-fri feeding program with nourishment lectures with the mothers for  100 days.


Im pretty your remember Baby Athena ( the girl with Cyanotic Heart Disease, Single Ventricle with Single Atrioventricular valve, Malposed Great arteries with Severe Pulmonary infundibular stenosis. Through your help she underwent a successful operation and living the perks of a normal kid right now.

We look forward for more projects of this kind, always  willing to extend our hand to those who are in need in our capacity.

Thank you to all those who supported our programs! Mabuhay po kayo!