Click link to download: 106km rules and regulation

106Km Bonifacio Day Ultra Marathon

Starting Line: Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Greenfield City

Finish Line: Caliraya Springs, Cavinti, Laguna



Runners must check in at least 1 hour before their official start time. Check in will be located at race start. Upon checking in, the following items must be presented to the staff in charge:

  1. flashlights or headlamps
  2. reflective vests

Runner will not be allowed to start until they show these items. All runners are required to wear headlamps and reflective vest during night time.

Upon check-in, runners will receive their race bib and race in progress signs.

Cut off time:     @ 106km     20 hrs

@90km         18hrs

@53km         10hrs



Violation of any of the following rules could result in disqualification. Any race official can decide if and to what degree a team has violated any of these rules. Race officials also reserve the right to impose penalty. All decisions by race officials are final.



Drivers must be alert/aware of runners, pedestrian and strictly observe traffic rules.

  • Do not block any residential or business driveway
  • Do not impede traffic by driving too slowly or by not properly pulling vehicle over to the side of the road when stopping


Some aid stations have limited parking and in some cases teams will be required to park along road shoulders.  Vehicles can park at any legal roadside that does not impede racers or traffic. Team vehicles should always stay to the right side of the road along traffic.

Vans can stop to cheer on runners at any legal spot along the race route that does not obstruct runners or traffic.


Vehicles are not to follow runners to illuminate the road for them, or to pace them.




Runners must always wear their race bibs must be visible at all times. A warning will be given for 1st offenders and result to disqualification for 2nd violation imposed by any race official.

Reflective Vests / Headlamps / LEDs

Each Runner must have a reflective vest, a headlamp or flashlight..

Running at Night

  • Runners are advised to run in pairs or group during these hours
  • Leave park lights and hazard lights on so that the vehicle is visible to regular traffic
  • Please do not stop or slow down in places that will impede traffic or runners, and do not turn your hazard lights on while the vehicle is moving.

Run Against Traffic

Runners are required to run on the left side of the road at all times for safety purposes.

Injured Runners During Race

Crew members may treat minor injuries. Seek immediate help by informing the Race officials to assist you in any way.

Sleeping on the course

Runners are allowed to sleep only outside the support vehicle. Choose an illuminated spot for your safety. Runners caught sleeping inside their support vehicle will lead to disqualification.

Littering & Property Damage

Do not litter along the route. Place your trash at designated areas and bins provided by your support crew. Any damage to public or private property will result to disqualification.


Nudity is strictly forbidden.  Nobody wants to see naked people running.

Follow Race Officials Instructions

Race officials include staff and volunteers. Course volunteers at exchanges are considered Race Officials. They have authority to disqualify a runner for rule violations, abusive behavior, or a crew’s failure to follow instructions given by volunteers. Abusive treatment or disregard for their authority will result in disqualification.

Following the Correct Route.

Crews are responsible for ensuring that their runner stay on course

Prohibited Items

The following items are not allowed on the race course: rollerblades, unauthorized bicycles, dogs or animals, joggers/strollers, scooters, skateboards, and any other device that may endanger others or put runners at an advantage over the other participants. Runners may not use walking sticks, ski poles, or the like.




Runners can be penalized for the actions of their crew.

Runner Support

Crewmembers may support their runner by any means that does not involve progressing the runner forward or supplying them shade.  Aiding a runner in their forward progress will result in an immediate disqualification.

Impeding Progress

Crewmembers must yield to all official runners.


Pacing is allowed during the race thus pacer must be a registered runner.

Night Running

Crewmembers are required to follow the same night running rules as the runners while on the course.

Runner Withdraw

If a runner withdraws from the event the crew must immediately notify a race official. If an official is not near by contact the race director.

Emergency Evacuation

All Emergency evacuation costs for participants or crews will be borne by that person or the heirs. The race organizers are in no way liable or responsible for emergency



Emergency no.            0915  482 21 20