Engr. Timothy John “TJ” P. Taburico  aka “Barefoot Timo”

By: Timo Taburico


(Photo Credits to Jojo Pauly)

It all started three years ago when fun runs are not much as a fad as they are today. I’ve always had that hunger to seek out new things, new adventures that will get my adrenaline pumping.

My profession as a mechanical engineer may keep me mostly within the confines of my workplace but I have long been a hyperactive kid in love with the outdoors, whether its simply just running around the rice fields, camping out or taking short hikes in towns near my navite Lumban, Laguna.


(Photo Credits to TJ Taburico)

Cultivating this passion growing up, I became an avid warrior of the pavement, never stopping since my first 5k run in the 10.10.10 Run for the Pasig River.

I finished the five kilometers in 34 minutes. The feeling was un explainable. I not only got the high of pushing myself through my limits but I was able to help the environment as well.

I instantly got hooked. Almost every week, I’d go to Manila to run. Meeting new acquaintances, getting loot bags of freebies, of course, and sweating it out while chasing my breath always brings me that joy and contentment that cannot be explained unless you experience it yourself.

From then on, I have participated it several long runs: two 21k runs and, soon, a full 42.195-km marathon.

(Photo Credits to Jojo Pauly)

As the saying goes, “run a marathon and it will change your life.”

With proper physical training, mental conditioning, unwavering will and determination, I crossed the finish line at the 34th Milo Marathon Manila eliminations clocking 05:54, just six minutes before the six hour cutoff time.

My journey didn’t stop there; i found myself in the world of the “insane” Ultramarathon.

I ran a total of three 50-km runs in Cebu, Batangas and Ilocos. The longest I’ve run was a 60-km journey from Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija to Dingalan, Aurora.

Finishing a 50 mile (100km) and a 100mile (160km) race is definitely on my bucketlist. In time. Thanks to my Team USB (Ultra Snails Brotherhood) who influenced me into Ultra Running.

Running has brought me to different places, enjoying both my sport and the sights too.

I was even able to race at the Standard Chartered Singapore 2012 half marathon category BAREFOOT! (Full contact barefoot proudly Pinoy represent)

  556770_10152315632020315_1010639234_n (1)  SG-303

(Photo Credits to marathon-photos.com)

“No it doesn’t hurt, take it slow, you’ll get used to it,” as my favorite barefoot running quote goes.

During my early days in running I always got injuries like ITBS, runners knee, sprained ankles plus dead toe nails . See, I’m a flat-footed, knocked-kneed runner. This condition caused me those injuries.

While common knowledge would say cushioned shoes would do the job, minimalist-barefoot running caught my attention.

Then, boo-yah, I found the cure I’ve long been looking for.



(Photo Credits to BarefootWear Inc.)

I found a pair of VFFs ( Vibram Five Fingers), a weird-looking minimalist foot wear in which your toe is shod individually. It promotes natural running which corrected my running form, strengthened my lower body and made me a keen runner.

Eventually, it led me into barefoot running. As they say, “the human foot is the greatest evolutionary masterpiece ever made.”

That is how I coined my alias- “Barefoot Timo.” This brought me to new heights and proved to myself that I can do better. It gave me a unique kind of discipline.

I don’t care even if they would call me crazy or a weirdo, no one could stop me from running barefoot. From then on, I’ve never run with cushioned shoes again. You should try it yourself. I bet you’ll enjoy it too. It feels like you’re a baby taking your first steps again.

I grew up in the town of Lumban, Laguna, home of famous Caliraya Lake. The hilly road from the national highway all the way up became my playground given its proximity to our house. I met town folks my age who also ran the same route. And from there, “Caliraya Runners” was born. The “barkada” soon evolved into a running group. Now, I am also race organizer thru Run Mania Philippines Promotions.

As one of the co-founders of Caliraya Runners, it became my second family. Today, I serve as technical adviser of the group. We organize races along with the “Alagang Run Mania” concept”: putting together quality races that give runners value for money, and at the same time promoting eco-tourism and returning the favor to our community through various socio-civic activities.

“I never imagined that running would be a way of life for me. Truly, it releases more than just sweat.”

kage bunshin no jutsu

(Photo Credits to TJ Taburico)

“Desire is the key motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal- a commitment to excellence -that will enable you to attain the success you seek”-Mario Andretti



Keep on Running….



(Photo Credits to TJ Taburico)

Adidas KOTR 2010 5K  (00:27)

225337_10150582521570315_5867358_n  229202_10150579868085315_2790667_n

(Photo Credits to Activemoment.net)

Skyathon Beach Run 2010 10k:  (00:53)

250437_10150630440275315_2540986_n 254950_10150630420460315_5937794_n 556770_10152315632020315_1010639234_n (1)

(Photo Credits to TJ Taburico, marathon-photos.com)

AKTV Run  21k:  (01:54)    Standard Chartered Singapore 2012 21K   (02:53)

386577_200755870000707_1853186299_n (1)

(Photo Credits to Team USB)

Run United 3 2012 32K (03:58)

429775_250432618366365_1443928684_n 310939_160667760688745_15997319_n

(Photo Credits to TJ Taburico, Jojo Pauly )

Condura Skyway Marathon 2012  42.195k  (04:54)                      Manila International Marathon 2011 42.195k (05:48)

319070_178041238938837_2065011754_n 308054_10152153825875315_1023007802_n 208626_10152665401150315_277593610_n

(Photo Credits to TJ Taburico, LA Tomas of Team USB)

Tagaytay to Nasugbu 2011  50k (06:45)

BE Warrior Cebu  2012  50k  (07:48)

2nd Ilocos Sand Dunes Challenge 2013 50k (09:55)

553695_478003102219143_559647431_n  524520_477990025553784_1782835716_n

(Photo Credits to Jeffrey Avellanosa)

Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan  60k (10:15)