Engr. Ian Patrick Maranan


(Photo Credits to E. Maranan)


Engineer Ian Patrick Maranan, known by many as “Pat,” is the oldest of his siblings, the unico hijo in the family, the joker of the “barkada”, a proud alumnus of Mapua, founder Run Mania Philippines Promotions and co-founder of the Caliraya Runners organization.

Back in his childhood days, Pat already showed passion for running. During his early years, he indulged himself in sports where he could practice discipline, socialize and meet new people, and show his nature of being a competitor. His traits- all undeniably compatible with running- developed in him an innate love for the sport.

(Photo Credits to E. Maranan)

Even before the running “boom” in the Philippines, Pat has already running in different venues and explored new opportunities in different countries. Still, he could never deny the urge to return to his first love: his hometown of Lumban, Laguna.

He saw opportunities around CALABARZON, the place where there are beautiful routes yet to explore, and is conveniently close to Manila.

He wanted to share this experience. He saw the need for urban runners to experience provincial races, experiencing a different running ambiance. At the same time, Pat saw a chance to fill a void for province-based runners eager to participate in races but can’t afford to go to Manila and run. He also saw this as an opportunity to promote local tourism.

For Pat, running is not just about health & lifestyle. His advocacy is also to help others through public service, which is why Run Mania organizes runs in support of several causes. He wants every runner to contribute to the community everytime he or she registers for a Run Mania race.


“I believe runners are innately passionate. Just like run categories where runners level up after satisfactorily finishing the shorter phase, they too, grow up and leave themselves content, having helped, served and given back to their community.”



For the First Time



(Photo Credits to Pat Maranan)

34th Milo San Pablo Elims   5k   (00:29)


(Photo Credits to Pat Maranan)

Run with the Light   10k   (00:55)


(Photo Credits to Pat Maranan)

PAAgalingan   10k   (00:45)


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Run United 2 2010   21k   (01:57)


(Photo Credits to Pat Maranan)

Run with the Masters  21k   (01:46)

182962_10151706020349813_279102395_n 970345_10151706021459813_462656976_n

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Standard Chartered Singapore 2012   42k   (04:20)